melinda cole, looking for a place to stay || Hailey & Melinda

looking for a place to stay || Hailey & Melinda 


Hailey’s face lit up at the sight of someone actually saying she could stay with them. “Wow.. really? well, i wouldn’t want to cause you any trouble..” Hailey looked down, fingering one of the rips in her jeans. She didn’t like to think of the past because it was mostly all depressing. “I’m actually from Dublin, ireland. More specifically, i was at a children’s home before i got here.”

Melinda shrugged. “Hey, if you need a place to stay, then I don’t mind letting you stay at my place. My parents are cool about that.” she admitted. Melinda was, once again, hoping she’d found someone who’d care. She lifted a brow as Hailey said her place of origin. “Ireland, really?” she asked, then she nodded. “That’s really interested. I’m from the next town over, but Crooked Hallows is really nice. It kind of makes you never want to leave.” She said, but she was the only person who didn’t feel that way. She needed an escape from all the talking. She needed.. she wasn’t sure. It was all so confusing. She was seventeen. That was too young to be concerned with death, and yet, she had been forced into a world of darkness and depression. “That’s really sad. Do you wanna come back to my house and check the place out?”

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