melinda cole, looking for a place to stay || Hailey & Melinda

looking for a place to stay || Hailey & Melinda 


Hailey looked at the girl once again, really observing her. Hailey saw pain and sadness behind her eyeliner lined eyes. Maybe she just needed a friend.. much like herself. Hailey nodded, smiling. “Yes, i’d love to check it out!” Hailey was again shocked at someone even taking an interest in her, it was so weird meeting all these new faces and most of them actually wanted to find out what was underneath Hailey’s shy face and bright blue eyes. It was the total opposite of what people acted towards her at the home. Though, her grandmother, whom she loved and always will love dearly, treated Hailey like she was the most special girl on the planet. Like you would be making a huge mistake if you even thought to decline her offer in friendship.. but unfortunately that is just not what Hailey thought of herself.

Melinda smiled, turning around. “Cool.” she said, her voice was quiet but underneith it there was hope. “Careful to follow me, it’s easy to get lost around these parts.” she warned maneuvering out of the slightly deserted area they were in and back into town, passed a very crooked stopsign and into a neighborhood. The pair passed by a playground and Melinda sighed, spotting the sight of her first kiss, where all her troubles began when the rumors spread that they did more, and she shook the memories out of her mind. “Here it is,” she announced, coming upon a house of one who was wealthy but not living in the lap of luxury. “Casa del Cole.” she smiled softly, walking inside. “If you want to wait here, Hailey, I can go tell my parents about you right quick.”

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