melinda cole, looking for a place to stay || Hailey & Melinda

looking for a place to stay || Hailey & Melinda 


Hailey smiled at Melinda and stood in the spot where she told her to, waiting. Melinda’s house seemed like a nice place. Hailey hadn’t lived in such a homely place in a very long time, ever since her grandmother passed away. She looked out onto the neighbourhood full of lovely houses just like this one. If Hailey got took in with a good foster family maybe she would of lived in a world just like this one she was experiencing right now. It sure would of made a difference.

It didn’t take long for Melinda to convince her absent parents that her new friend was going to live with them. Their responses were “A friend?” and “That’s nice, Honey.” Melinda sighed, a bit disappointed that they didn’t put up any sort of fuss about it or act as though it was a big deal, but she shrugged. She loved them anyways. She came back downstairs. “They said yeah.” she told Hailey with a smile. “I’ll show you your room. You can borrow some of my clothes, if you want.” she looked down at the girl, who was two or three inches shorter than her. “They might be a little long on you.” she stated, smiling. “And they’re not all this vampiric, I promise.”

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